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Artist Joe Milelli has developed a wide range of fused glass designs depicting many varieties of tropical and game fish either as stand alone or in a ocean/reef setting. His entry into the realm of fused glass was preceded by designing and assembling stained glass art with a similar aquatic themes. His work has been purchased by Key West fishing guides and many residents.

The entry into fused glass designs  began over four years ago, mostly as a hobby, but the resulting art work was considered by other artists to be very worthy and encouraged Joe to enter art shows. Joe has been accepted by the Old Island Days Art Festival in Key West for the the past three years and recently accepted by the Pigeon Key Art Show in Marathon,FL. Both art shows are juried and highly regarded.

Seven Fish
Tropical Fish Art .jpg
A Tropical Reef Scene

This is an example of a tropical reef scene with a variety of colorful fish. This is a multi-layer design starting with two layers of clear glass, followed by assembling pieces of glass into the various fish shapes, followed with selective use of glass frit. A solid glass border is then applied and the entire assembly fused together. After fusing the piece was slumped into a platter form.

Purchased by a long time Key West resident.

Member of the following organizations:

Florida Keys Council of the Arts


Pleasanton Art League

Livermore Art League


Triggerfish on a reef artwork.jpg
A Triggerfish on the Reef

This artwork was commissioned for a friend's birthday. The scene was based on a underwater photograph of a pink tailed triggerfish. A unique feature is the use of a diamond shape textured glass to represent the scales on the fish. A very fortunate lower temperature resulted in tack fusing the glass together.